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DOOM High-resolution Texture Project


The DHTP (DOOM High-resolution Texture Project) is a community driven project that had is birth as the D2RP (Doom 2 Retexture project). That project initially had a good start, but was unfortunately misguided during the course of its development, and couldn’t realistically be rescued without a lot of attention. Thus, JDTP (jdoom texture pack) came into being (Thanks to Chilvence). To repair the damage and salvage what could be salvaged. Now it has grown into the DHTP which is a continuation of the JDTP but with all high resolution texture capable ports in mind.

The main goal of the DHTP is to provide the community with a space to easily contribute their own works, as well as offering a steady stream of feedback from both site visitors and administrators. It will also be a lot more tightly controlled than its predecessor, in regards to both copyrights and quality control.